December Horoscope

The interpretation of these horoscopes is based on the influence of the cycles of the Sun and Moon (lunation), and basically relate to the psycho-emotional reactions of people, which sometimes can lead to facts, depending on personal circumstances.

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If we interpret that the Sun keeps astrological relationship to the psyche and the nature of the individual, and theMoon with emotions and instinctive reaction, we could say that each period starts with the lunar cycle from New Moon, has certain connotations about the mental state and emotional of the person, making you feel motivated or influenced to related issues, with the astrological house that corresponds to the lunar cycle.

It is possible that some less influential people do not perceive its effects, however, the most common is that within these days, there may be some with some interest or predisposition towards the affairs of the *lunation.

In addition to the horoscope, according to the (Sun Sign, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc..), If the Ascendant is known, you can consult the interpretation of the Ascendant as another sign. Eg a person of the sign Aries with Cancer Ascendant, you should see the interpretation of Aries and Cancer.

*Lunation: Lunation is the period or cycle time between two identical Lunar phases, for example between two New Moons or two Full Moons and it lasts for approx. 29.5 days.