September 5 to October 5

Ascendant Aquarius

  House VIII » Share / What is hidden / Fusion ...
•Possible issues: Share, What is hidden, Fusion . . . September 5 to October 5 _ _

Sharing, the ties that are established in the exchange with others, intimacy, merging with others, sex, taboos, fear, crisis, instincts less conscious the end and the beginning of something, would some of the issues that could occur in this Lunation.

At this time the most primal desires and instincts may surface, all cover sexuality and sense of belonging and dependence on others, especially those closest beings, partner or loved ones.

That sharing of resources would be both emotional and material, so it is possible that during this time the emotions and feelings are made more clear, if possible, establishing a stronger link in the relationship, otherwise if the band if there were significant differences between the couple at the time to share or agree, this Lunation could activate the defense mechanism and can sometimes take a crisis of values, since much of the support for security and stability would be lodged with the couple.

Lunation issues of this month Sep. 16 to October 15 month september (lunation)  

This period could also bring back things from the past that somehow the present, remembering the past or yearn for something, or be a situation that any connection with which long ago had not see or touch, appears or is any reunion with it.
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In the case of being aware of any matter of inheritance, or money that is relatively easy, rather than on merit, pensions, grants, etc.. These dates could also be related. In any case the result would be favorable or unfavorable depending on how you feel configured chart, as well as aspects of astrological transits at that time.

Another possibility could be related to births, gains or losses both material and personal.

You might also be more willing to delve into the unconscious and the mysteries of life, may be more receptive to influences more subtle, hidden and less tangible environment.

All interaction with others bearing the lunar cycle, it could be the preamble to draw their own conclusions, some philosophy and acquire a vision and a global and comprehensive concept of life, which would be to take us into the next Lunation at house IX.
<•Note: The period of influence of the Lunar cycle may be extended one moore week of the deadline. . . September 5 to October 5...22>_