November 3 to Decemb. 3

Ascendant Virgo

  House III » Environment / Writings / Communication ...
Travel, communication, studies, writings, and brethren. Any or several of these issues could be related to this Lunation .
It is possible that the mind is more active than usual with some eager to learn or acquire new knowledge.

If circumstances had planned some studies, it is possible that by this time started or were in some important point of them early, exams, etc.. The formalities of paperwork issues may also have their presence, renewal cards, signatures, and so on.

Travel, visits, contacts with the environment are also present, as well as any possible contact with brethren more common than normal.

It might be more interested in structure, analyze and organize ideas in a logical and conceptual or spiritual practice that, trying to live the present and based on the most immediate experiences and daily contact.

There might be predisposed to transmit or communicate ideas with the environment, to interact and express themselves more coherent or intelligent, his mind more awake or alert than usual, yet with greater flexibility.

This ability could lead to more desire or propensity to exchange, discuss or refute certain ideas or to get involved more in lectures, seminars, conferences or gatherings, or some discussion as if they were features in the individual personality.

In the case of a profession related to writing, publishing and literature, it is possible that ideas flow best and most abundant and can be a very intense and productive time, eg. greatest inspiration and dedication to develop, publish or make arguments or written.

As more time could be connected to the telephone or any means of communication, chat, forum, audio, etc.. Finally you may need the reasoning that they can be consolidated and assimilate and express deep and personal way, which would correspond to the next Lunation at house IV, home or buy an inner feeling more intimate and personal self. Love Compatibility Test for Couples