November 3 to Decemb. 3

Ascendant Sagittarius

  House XII » Setbacks / Solidarity / Retirement ..
This lunation includes several meanings and in turn poorly defined in terms of their limitations, they may be, solidarity, a sense of ownership or commitment to the environment or to some charitable purpose, and mysticism.
If the case could be more engaged in some isolated activity or requiring a certain withdrawal time, for example. visits or stays in secluded places, hospitals, aid, or to engage in research work, meditation.

It is possible that if during these dates I had planned a project for some reason this has to delay or postpone for later.

Another factor may be that the vitality or mentally not in the best moment, this could be the case of needing some rest or medical care, or who have a cold or some time off work for several days. Sometimes these circumstances could make it into a more meditative and contemplative or reflective than active. Dreaming can also be more frequent than usual, and the need for some hours to rest.

These dates may be more suitable to be connected to charitable causes or charities, or derive from them the more aware of social needs through a more collective view that selective and supportive staff, may more attuned to the problems or fault.

In the case of some very sensitive, you should check that if given any social or personal problems, not drift into the abuse of stimulants or alcohol as a way of evading reality. The mood could also be more variable and influenced by the environment than usual, being able to pass more frequently from enthusiasm to despair and back again.

Finally, this awareness and spreading of personal boundaries in search of identification and merger with a whole, would mark the end of a cycle, giving way to the beginning of a renewed personality, expressed by the Lunation Home I. Love Compatibility Test for Couples