November 3 to Decemb. 3

Ascendant Libra

  House II » Interests - Securities - Acquisitions...
This period may be characterized by the pursuit of personal values or qualities with which to have a fuller sense of self.
This personal feeling also influence self-esteem can be affected or motivated as you are comfortable with yourself. It may be appreciated and considered further the sense of the value of things, both his personal worth or sentimental attachment representations, material or money.

It could be more aware and realize what you have, what is needed and what not, this could cause you were more attracted to try to get it to feel more confident and at ease yourself.

Interest may focus more on acquiring certain amenities and be more practical and may be more inclined or interested in enjoying things, and be certain fads or luxuries that do not have the custom, in part because the senses could be more enhanced.

At this time, the economy could suffer or coincide with several outstanding payments or new could be considerable.

There may be some days that can be more optimistic and do not worry too much to spend or invest a portion of the resources at hand to satisfy personal desires, may feel more hope-dents and aware of where we might be able to come to get them.

It is also possible to be more aware of the resources, skills or personal qualities to try to achieve the objectives in their own right and can be more assertive and confident in the abilities or qualities.

Another aspect would be that as at the stage where you are, it is possible that some new idea or concept emerges and causes a change in attitude or position on certain circumstances and meanings of life and can sympathize and feel attracted to this new concept of such way that might make them give up or dispose of a significant scale of values or ideas above.

Finally, it is possible that the end of this lunar cycle is reached the conclusion that it may be necessary to structure and bring some order on the reasoning of the desires and needs lead more organized, which would match the following Lunation issues Home III. Love Compatibility Test for Couples