May 10 to June 8

Ascendant Virgo

  House IX » Expansion / Open Mind / Philosophy ...
•Possible issues: Expansion, Open Mind, Philosophy . . . May 10 to June 8_ _

Cultural, philosophy of life, creative and open mind to new perspectives and possibilities, long trips, higher learning, might be some cases in this period.

It is possible that during this time, the organization and order is not the primary interest, but may be more likely to cultivate a more intuitive sense, cultural and open to life, and may view the events and circumstances from a global perspective by giving a more imaginative and abstract sense that routine and methodical, which would correspond to the right brain.

It might be more willing to make trips to explore other cultures, customs, sometimes trips may be mentally, in any case, the objective would be to try to connect to other dimensions that make us a wider view of the possibilities of life. According to personal circumstances, greater contact or relationship with a brother / a also come within the possibilities.

This thought process could be carried out in various ways, eg. from a book, travel, contact with other cultures, higher education, special courses, etc.. Having a skill with a more open mind could also give way to at certain times will have
some ability to sense or have some inkling of where we could take or routed some situations.

Through all of this information, you could create a virtual, abstract or global, an image of what could be eg. an ideal world and evolved.

Ultimately if the mind wanders too much in the abstract, the evolutionary sense and creative could be helpful to enrich themselves personally, and who knows, if also the launch of a new project display and influential for a made important niche in society, which would match the following Lunation home X.