June 8 to July 8

Ascendant Sagittarius

  House VII » Relationships / Colaborators / Couple ...
•Possible issues: Relationships, Colaborators, Couple . . . June 8 to July 8 _ _

Relations, contacts with collaborators, colleagues (work, study, etc.) and the couple, could be more present issues during this lunation.

If you were maintaining a relationship, it is possible that during these dates will be more receptive and interested in relationships, be more openly and to express personal concerns, that if it were the case, could be a statement, wedding, formalizing a union, etc.

Also might be possible that for any reason, such as eg. work, has been to maintain more contact and dialogue with employees to seek or enter into agreements.

Concerns may focus less on oneself, or to devote greater attention to others - family or colleagues -. On the other hand and depending on the situation, it could also be the case not to the liking of some of the collaborators, and this was cause for discrepancies or disagreements, which in extreme cases could come to any discussion or rupture.

This could also apply in the area of the sentimental relations, because if the relationship is stable, normally could be a sign of consolidation or the possibility of good agreements between the two, however, if the emotional bond between them was not very solid, could also represent the odd difference more or less important in terms of compatibility between the two.

It could be a good time to reflect on the relationship, and verify or confirm that the union is built on a solid foundation.

Another possibility would be that if there was any lower court judgment pending, at this time was more present or have any related news or so significant about it.

Finally, when this contact and relationships with others, is moving towards a level more intimate or deep, in which the emotional bond becomes more close, having to share and exchange customs and way of being or life style with the other person, brings to the next lunation in the VIII astrological house.