July 8 to August 6

Ascendant Pisces

  House V » Leisure / Creativity / Children ...
•Possible issues: Leisure, Creativity, Children . . . July 8 to August 6 _ _

The more youthful and natural expression, highlight the personality, peculiarities, leisure and creativity would be some issues that could be more present during these dates.

We are not always in a position to express ourselves as we wish, but possibly within these dates there is a chance to feel more strongly or ability to do so.

This could affect several areas such as eg. creativity that could be positive for expression in any artistic medium, adventures and romances if social situation and personal permitting, or any sport or leisure activity that makes you feel good.

By being able to feel more alive, it is easy to arise more the child in everyone, and may be more willing to venture or risk play, or if necessary to embark on a situation such as financial speculation.
Another feature that would be the result of the creation would be children, so it is possible that during these dates might be more interested in them, their future, care, education, etc..
The most attractive or expressive facet of the personality may be more salient or prone for a few days, which could show you more eager to please, fun and perhaps highlight or protrude more than usual influence on your environment, either through a creative, arts, hobbies or romances, depending on personal circumstances.

Finally, this Lunation could make you see that after the joy it would be nice some control and organization to put some order and refinement of personal skills, as would be through the next Lunation in House VI.