December 3 to January 1

Ascendant Pisces

  House X » Social Image / Ambitions / Status...
The social ambitions, image and influence in society, goals, vocation, and the parent usually the mother, some of these factors may be present for several days at this time.
It happens that is not always offered the image or get achievements or ambitions that you want, but these dates may be more interested to get it, either at the level of career or vocation work, which could be further involved than usual.

In his next deal, could be the case that received some recognition, promotion or attainment of goals, career, job, etc. and its less favorable side could be the loss, resignation, or setbacks in the profession or social status. In both cases can affect the image and prestige.

In the event that you were doing any work that would correspond to more vocational skills, or innate, the state of satisfaction and personal pride may increase, the opposite if the work was less according to personal interests or vocation.

The way you have to deal with work, could also be recognized or challenged as appropriate.

Relationships and social ambitions may in part are conditioned by maternal influence, which may be the case that decisions arise, questions or reactions that might be based on the habits acquired in the beginning. Might also
be the case that during this time for any reason you have any more than usual contact with the mother.

Professional issues in society could be more present and may require some personal sacrifice, which could be detrimental to the familiar in order to contribute to the progress of the company or influences or social commitments.

Finally, it is possible that this ambition and work can reflect on whether they would also need further work, the power to occasionally spend some time at leisure, enjoying and sharing hobbies and ideals with others in society that would be the area of the next Lunation XI.