Monthly Horoscopes

April 2014

Horoscope month to month 2014
21-3 / 20-4
21-4 / 20-5
21-5 / 21-6
22-6 / 22-7
23-7 / 22-8
23-8 / 22-9
23-9 /22-10
22-11 / 21-12
22-12 / 19-1
20-1 / 18-2
19-2 / 20-3

The interpretation of these horoscopes, are based on the influence of the Sun and the Moon by the lunar cycles (lunations), and basically are related to psycho-emotional reactions of people, which sometimes can lead to concrete actions, depending on personal circumstances

Note:Knowing your ascendant, you can consult two interpretations: 1) the interpretation corresponding to your sign, and 2) the corresponding interpretation according to your ascendant.. + info

If one interprets the Sun relates to astrological psyche and the nature of the individual and the Moon with the emotions and instinctive reaction , we could say that each period begins with the New Moon Lunation has certain connotations of the state mental-emotional person, making you feel motivated or influenced leaning towards issues related to the astrological house where they make that monthly's lunar cycle. It is possible that some people do not perceive less influenced its effect, however the most common is that within those dates has any interest, or bias in the affairs of the Lunation .

In addition to the horoscope of the solar Lunation (the Sun sign), if you know the Ascendant, you can also see the interpretation of the horoscope of the personal Lunation (the Ascendant). Both interpretations is recommended to have more information about the influences in the horoscope.